Our Brand

Aryzta has its roots in various European countries: Different bakeries from Switzerland,France Germany, Denmark and many other countries have come together to share their passion for bakery under the Aryzta brand.

Swiss baking craft for oven freshness


・In 1967, Hiestand led the evolution of the bakery category by re-imagining the possibilities for freshness, quality and value

・With only a few Swiss francs but a big vision, founder Fredy Hiestand started his bakery in Zurich. Without compromising on quality, he stubbornly made his way until his breakthrough in 1988, when he managed to produce pre-proven croissant (in German it’s called Gipfel). With this new technology, this opened the path into new ways of easy and convenient baking, and Swiss shoppers since then have been enjoying oven freshness at any time any place.

・In 1997, we opened a branch here in Tokyo, Japan. We have been trying our best to bring his spirit and dedication to quality and craftsmanship into the Japanese food service and retail market.


・As Swiss bakers, we know baked goods are best served fresh from the oven. We’ve carefully created a baking process that is designed to help our customers serve the freshest taste experience possible.


・From selecting ingredients to the delivery schedules, we always apply traditional Swiss approach to ensure we get the detail right and consistently deliver quality baked products.


Coup de Pates

«Coup de pâtes» is a play on words derived from the French «coup de main» (offer a helping hand) and «pâte» (dough) and stands for our passion to create, and offer premium French bakery and confectionary goods for food service professsionals.



・Over time, our relationships with these Artisans blossomed, and we worked together to make and supply a range of semi-prepared and finished products – all made the traditional way, using the finest local ingredients.

・Today, we’re continuing these traditions – preparing solutions to help artisans, chefs, pastry chefs and bakers across France and the world.

・Starting at our innovative kitchen in Paris, we have assembled a team of chefs, pastry chefs and bakers whose hearts, minds and hands have spent years mastering the essential techniques of French cuisine.

・To keep our ideas fresh, we draw inspiration from international gastronomy, using flavors and techniques from around the world to imagine, and innovate food ideas that inspire.


・At Coup de pates, we are a creative hub helping food professionals re-imagine the future of food. Using premium ingredients, experience and imagination, we create fine food that inspires chefs, bakers and food professionals, and helps them deliver exquisite taste experiences.

・Our team of innovative chefs are at the heart of our brand. They combine the tradition, expertise and technical skills of French cuisine with new international food trends. As an extension to top kitchens, our team partners with chefs and bakers to develop bespoke solutions that range from essential components to finished dishes.

Mette Munk
Authentic Danish Pastry

Pride for Authenticity

・We take great pride in producing authentic Danish pastry. Light, flaky and mouthwatering Danish pastry that proves that we honor traditional craftsmanship, and pay respect to the proud Danish tradition. We combine the tradition with one of the world’s most advanced production plants, and we select the very best ingredients from all over the world to ensure a superb taste experience every time.

・The Mette Munk bakery was opened by Munke Mølle (monk’s mill) in 1962, after milling flour for people in Odense since 1175. We then became the first company to export frozen Danish pastry to the UK and USA.

Classic Danish Crowns and Plaits

・In 2015, we introduced our Mette Munk selection in Japan. Our aim is to offer the best selection of Danish Crowns and Plaits from our bakery in Odense, Denmark.

Clean Ingredients and Real Fruit Fillings

・We raise the bar for quality and use for example real bourbon vanilla in our vanilla crowns and produce our own clean, juicy Crown fillings of fresh berries and fruits called REAL FRUIT.

You know ?
Did you know? 
Danish Pastry History
The making of Danish Pastry is a baking tradition that stretches back more than 150 years, and is still only mastered to perfection in Denmark.
It all started with a strike among bakers in Copenhagen. The master bakers had to seek help from their colleagues in other countries to meet customer demand. The help came from Vienna and the Viennese bakers taught their Danish colleagues to use the lamination technique which involves rolling out and layering the dough many times to create a dough made of "flaky" sheets of pastry. When the bakers from Vienna returned home, the Danes continued working on the technique and incorporating fat into the recipe. The perfect match was born when the Danes later developed a special "rolling margarine" for Danish pastry. The ideal melting temperature of this margarine gives Danish pastry that special texture which makes it juicy, light and airy all at the same time. This is how Danish pastry was conceived, and the Danish word for it, "wienerbrød" (meaning "Viennese bread"), lovingly acknowledges the Viennese for their contribution.